Holding Space Podcast Launch!

Dr. Cassidy’s podcast Holding Space just launched! Holding Space will be a place for learning and story sharing with an aim to de-mystify therapy and connect through our human experiences. To subscribe you can find the podcast by searching for Holding Space and/or Cassidy Freitas on the podcast iTunes app or by clicking here. (more…)


“Carry On” Support Group with Sollybaby

In partnership with Sollybaby wraps, Dr. Cassidy Freitas offers a free support group for pregnant and postpartum mothers in North County San Diego. For updates on upcoming groups, follow Dr. Cassidy @drcassidy on Instagram and Sollybaby @sollybabywrap.


Emotional Agility Podcast with Dr. Cassidy Freitas, LMFT

In this interview featured on the Sure, Babe podcast, Dr. Cassidy Freitas discusses the link between creativity and mental health, bridging our identities, and how to utilize emotional agility in relationships and parenting.

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